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24-80’s philosophy is to provide you with a quality, relaxed and painless dental solution in the shortest amount of time. We are dedicated to providing you with international quality dental treatment at affordable prices.

Due to the nature of dental work it is difficult to give an exact price list, additional treatments and medicines can affect the price, therefore we try to provide an average cost for a procedure. However, often the actual cost can be less or more than the advertised price, therefore we encourage you to come in for a detailed checkup to get an accurate estimate of any work needed.

For any type of treatment, we suggest you to contact us and we will be happy to prepare for you a personalized plan (subject to the limitations of not having examined you). Providing us with as much specific information as possible, including X-rays, treatment plans prepared by a dentist in your country, and possibly even pictures of your teeth, would help us be as specific as possible with our personalized quote and treatment plan.

At 24-80 there are no extra charges on dental treatments. Checkup, treatment plan and consultation are free of charge on your dental treatment (x-rays and medication are charged separately). We also have a strict policy of not charging international customers more than local customers.

1. Examination & CleaningUnitPrice in USD$
General Examination / Consultation / Treatment PlanVisitFree
Specialized Consultation and Treatment Plan (Implant, Periodontics, Pedodontics)Visit15
Cleaning & PolishingU & L18
Cleaning Under L.AQuarter15
2. Teeth Whitening
Whitening-Chairside + Whitening-HomeCase300
3. Filling & Aesthetic
Composite Filling (First Surface)Surface18
Composite Filling (Next Surface)Surface9
Fissure SealantSurface13
Composite VeneerVeneers50
Diastema / Space ClosingTooth50
4. X-Ray
5. Sedation
Oral Sedation (Midazolam)Case60
Nitrous Oxide (N2O) First 30 minuteTime50
Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Next 30 minuteTime30
6. Periodontic Dentistry
Root Planning Under L.A Per Quardrant (Flapless)Quarter45
Root Planning Under L.A per Quardrant (Openflap)Quarter90
7. Endodontic Dentistry / Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
Root Canal AnteriorTooth110
Root Canal PremolarTooth130
Root Canal molarTooth150
Root Canal Anterior-Redo CaseTooth120
Root Canal Premolar-Redo CaseTooth150
Root Canal Molar-Redo CaseTooth180
Root Canal primary toothTooth40
8. Orthodontics
Orthodontics consultation (Excluded study model & X-ray)Case20
Specialist consultation for Orthodontic with full analyzingCase80
Metal Braces U/LCase1500-2000
Ceramic or Tooth-Colored Braces U/LCase1800-2500
Clear Aligners Anterior Correction Upper 3 trays1 Set900
Clear Aligners Anterior Correction Lower1 Set900
Clear Aligners Anterior Correction Upper & Lower 3/3 trays 1 Set1350
Clear Aligners Full Correction Upper 3 trays 2 Set1350
Clear Aligners Full Correction Lower 3 trays 2 Set1350
Clear Aligners Full Correction Upper & Lower 3/3 trays2 Set1800
Clear Aligners Complicated Full Correction Upper & Lower 3/3 trays 3 Set+3150
Clear Aligners Complicated Full Correction Upper & Lower 3/3 trays (included Metal braces if the case needed)4 Set+3600
Bite PlaneCase135
Bite Plane Check-UpCase35
Expansion Check-UpCase30
Acrylic Night GuardEach180
Hard Plastic Night Guard (Upper & Lower: USD$140)Each90
Study ModelU & L15
RetainerU & L180
Orthodontic Trainer (T4K)Case180
9. Dentures
Partial Denture (No metal Frame)Plate250
Partial Denture (metal Frame)Plate300
Full DenturePlate250
10. Crowns
Post Core (Non Precious Alloy)Each45
Zirconium PostEach90
Ceramic Fuse to Standard AlloyCrown150
Zirconium Based Ceramic CrownCrown300
All Ceramic E-Max CAD/CAM E4D Crown & BridgesCrown500
All Ceramic Veneer E-Max CAD/CAM E4DVeneers500
Attachment KeyUnit130
Stainless Steel Crown (Primary Teeth)Crown55
Composite Crown (Primary Teeth)Crown50
11. Implantology
Implant Placement (Ankylos Implant system)Implant1000
Metal Ceramic Crown on Implant with Metal AbutmentCrown800
E-Max Crown on Implant with Metal AbutmentCrown900
E-Max Crown on Implant with Zirconium AbutmentCrown1100
Implant Placement (ADIN Implant system)Implant800
Metal Ceramic Crown on Implant with Metal AbutmentCrown400
E-Max Crown on Implant with Metal AbutmentCrown600
E-Max Crown on Implant with Zirconium AbutmentCrown850
12. Oral Surgery
Extraction Primary ToothTooth10
Extraction Permanent ToothTooth20-50
Abcess ManagementTooth25
Laser SurgeryCase30-50
Surgical Removal of Simple Impacted ToothTooth120
Surgical Removal of Complicated Impacted ToothTooth150-250
Minor Oral SurgeryCase135
Major Oral SurgeryCase150-500
Bone and Soft Tissue graft (Exclude Material)Case500+
Sinus Lift (Exclude Material)Case500+
Gingival Graft with Tissue HarvestingQuarter500+

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