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Implants & Crowns 1.0

This patient had difficulty chewing with her removable partial denture done at another clinic. She was also not happy with the look of her teeth. After an examination we discovered that she had a total of seven missing teeth on the lower. One root was still remaining at #34 (fig. 1 & 2)


The interesting part of this transformation is the lack of the patient’s lateral incisors (#12 and 22) from birth. This caused his two front teeth #11 and 12 to move side creating a large space. The previous dentist made a bridge to hide this and added an extra tooth. (fig. 1 and 3)



To replace his missing molars we placed a total of 7 implants on the lower. (fig. 2) After ten weeks the implants had bonded with the bone, E4D full e max crowns were permanently cemented. The root canal at tooth #44 was re done and a composite veneer cemented to increase the height of the tooth.

To create the natural look we replaced the upper front teeth with crowns. What is special is the canine teeth were made to look like lateral incisors. Then the premolars were made to look like the canines. This is what gives our patient such a beautiful look. (fig. 4) She is very happy with the transformation and her wonderful new smile.

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